Zorbing, Luges and Hakas OH MY!

Today was so action packed I actually had to split up all the footage into several different videos. Like the Agrodome, which actually happened in the morning of this day’s video. That’s editing magic :) Besides, if I included everything we did in this day into the video, it would have been way too long and I would never have been able to upload it. So, I hope you understand :)

Vlog 4: Contiki NZ Grand Explorer, Rotorua, New Zealand

An important thing to note is that with Contiki some of the activities I do are included, where as some are optional. So if you prefer a more action packed trip you can load up with options, but if you enjoy a more relaxed trip with lots of free time that is entirely possible as well.

I personally try to get as many of the optional activities in as possible to show you guys what you can do on the Contiki trips.


DSC 4410

One of those actives being Zorbing, which started here in Rotorua.

Zorb New Zealand

Yes I do wonder who thought one day that rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable globe would be a good idea. Regardless it was a very enjoyable experience.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village

Another spot we stopped off at was the Whakarewarewa Thermal Village; a real Maori village where people use the thermal pools to cook their food and warm their houses. There also happens to be a geyser there as well.

Thermal Springs

IMG 2109

Rotorua is really the Maori cultural capital of New Zealand, hence a lot of the hotels offer shows in which there are performances.

IMG 2152

Near the end of the show the ladies were invited to come up onto the stage to learn a Poi dance. And the men followed soon after with a Haka. After a great night of feasting we headed to bed and reflected on our wonderful cultural experience in Rotorua.

Learning Poi


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