Black Water Rafting

The most important part about being a video blogger is capturing footage. Footage of the activities being performed, the trip, the transportation, whatever it is we are currently doing at the time. So, what does a video blogger do when they cannot film? Well,  that is exactly what happened on our trip through the Waitomo Caves. Fortunately that is where text and this blog comes in handy.

Now this was my second time through the Waitomo Caves, so this time I chose to do Black Water Rafting over the Haggas Honkin’ Holes of last time. The major difference between the two being that this trip was a black water rafting trip consisting of floating on inner tubes through glow worm caves in the dark; where as the other was abseiling/repelling down waterfalls throughout the caves. Both were amazing trips, however, I personally preferred the Haggas Honkin’ Holes trip, but that’s probably because of my love for climbing.


Black Labyrinth 015

Black Labyrinth 002

My favorite part of the Black Water Rafting trip was when our entire group linked up all our individual tubes into one long line, laid back in the dark and admired the glow worms on the ceiling.

Black Water Rafting Waitomo

Waitomo Caves Black Water Rafting


Black Water Rafting Waitomo

Yay for awesome fun adventures!

Next day we visited the Agrodome to see a world renown sheep show! The one thing I learned from this show was the incredible variety of sheep in the world. Crazy! Well, till tomorrow!

Agrodome Sheep Show



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  • Reply
    January 28, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    Not allow Nadine to Vlog—I’m sure they are not subscribers. However the pics and descripion does tell the story.. (Although I never heard of a glow worm outside of the tackle shop) Great daily videos Nadine, keep em coming… Really enjoying your unique vlogs and the beautiful scenery. Thank You!

  • Reply
    Rachel Dunn
    February 4, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    still looks amazing from the pictures!

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