Come Sail Away : Whitsundays to Daydream Island

Here is the second part of my 2 day sailing trip through the Whitsundays.

OZ Vlog #5 : Contiki Beaches and Reefs: Whitsundays, Daydream Island, Australia

We started off this morning with a lovely 2 hours sail followed by a quick snorkel along Caves Cove.

Whitsundays Sailing, Australia

Snorkling, Whitsundays, Australia

To anyone thinking about doing a sailing trip along the Whitsundays, I highly recommend. It is a fantastic way to see the islands and it’s quite refreshing to try out other methods of transportation while traveling.

Whitsundays Sailing, Australia

Plus it’s fun to just chill on a boat with other crazy travel friends!Whitsundays Sailing, Australia

Sailing Map, Whitsundays, Australia

Map of our 2 night sailing course.

Daydream Island

After our sailing trip was complete, the skipper dropped us off at this super fancy resort on Daydream Island.  Although the resort reminded me of a Little Mermaid theme park, it did give these stunning views of the Whitsundays.

Daydream Island: Whitsundays, Australia

Daydream Island, Whitsundays, Australia

The resort happened to have several salt ponds in which marine life swam around in. So later that afternoon we got the opportunity to take part in a fish feeding, which consisted of feeding clown fish, petting stingrays and holding sharks.

Stingray Feeding, Daydream Island: Whitsundays, Australia

Shark Holding, Daydream Island: Whitsundays, Australia

Last, to top off the evening we went to a pool party out at Gilligans. Time to rock out Whitsunday style!

Pool Party, Daydream Island, Australia

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