#60Days in Paradise just got 30 Days closer

So something amazing has happened today, you remember that #60Days in Paradise Contest I entered? The contest where the winner gets to spend 60 days in Tobago this summer, blogging, tweeting and telling all of Canada about it?


Nadine in her natural habitat.



I seriously could not be more excited, this is a dream job for me and it is absolutely perfect!!

But now, it’s up to you guys and girls to help make my dream come true.

Now I know you all have very busy lives, but I just kindly ask you to take 2 seconds (literally, no registration required) out of you day to vote for me I would be eternally grateful beyond words.

Just imagine what new equipment I could get to help create even more fantastic videos?!

Anyways, here is a little poem to you on why you should pick me, Nadine Sykora, to be your Island Connoisseur.

Hello dear internet and viewers from afar
My name is Nadine and I’m your 60days superstar
I will post images and blogs
while sitting on logs
enjoying sunsets, but my day is not done.
Furiously I will work, till my fingers are sore and my eyes creep shut
to bring you great videos of the sights with jump cuts.
There will be waterfalls grand and beaches galore
I will not shy away from a drink, food or more.
Snapping away in the hot humid day
to post and to gaze, by those far away.
I promise to not gloat or brag about my swag.
I promise to tell truth and to show you all that I do.
And all I ask in return
is for you watch and be merry
for bringing joy is all I carry
to touch and inspire others to share
or to show them something different than their regular fare.
All this and more can be yours, that’s for sure
If you oh so kindly vote for Nadine to be your Island Connoisseur.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to vote for me and to watch my videos. Without all the support from my viewers I would not be able to do what I do.  I wish there were more and better ways to thank you all, but the only way I know best is to hold up my end of bargain and to create great content for you all.

I do hope that is enough for you to vote and choose me.

Thank you sincerely ,


Thing you need to know about voting:


    • Voting is done on
    • Votes are limited to 2 votes per person.
    • No registration required
    • Voting is open between April 21 – May 16, 2014


Watch my video here if you haven’t seen it, and please read my previous post [#60Days in Paradise]


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