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The Little Town That Could : Hoi An

Vlog #16: Contiki Big Indochina Adventure: Hoi An, Vietnam

Every time we stop at a town in Southeast Asia that has a European flare, I get a little giddy inside. Maybe it’s the fact that I have never been to Europe and I really want to go.

Bike Ride - Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

Due to a 3 hours plane delay getting out of Nha Trang, we had to rush through everything in Hoi An. I don’t believe I have ever been so efficient so early in the morning in regards to getting stuff done (GSD) — the acronym we came up.

Starting at 7:00am till 8:15am we ran half way across town and back – twice, to two different shops to pick up our custom clothing and jewelry items. That’s one thing these video don’t really show. There was A LOT of going back and forth, my suit had two different fittings and the rings that I got made had two as well. (Stay tuned for a separate, more detailed blog post on those).

My Son Temples

My Son Temples - Hoi An, Vietnam

My Son Temples - Hoi An, Vietnam

I love temples and architecture, but I must admit at almost 20 days into the tour and after the massive day that was Angkor Wat, I was feeling a bit “templed out”. I really do hate myself for even thinking or saying that since I’ll most likely never seen these temples again.

I think my bitterness was due to the fact that it was unbelievably hot and I picked the absolute worst day to do laundry and hence was stuck with only my black yoga pants to wear- Karma.

My Son Temples - Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnamese Cooking Class

If you can recall I already did a Thai Cooking Class; we’ll here is the Vietnamese Edition. A bit more chaotic then the Thai version as there was the option to buy alcohol during this class.

Vietnamese Cooking Class - Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnamese Cooking Class - Hoi An, Vietnam

Regardless, all of my food was edible this time around which is always a win!

Vietnamese Cooking Class - Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnamese Cooking Class - Hoi An, Vietnam

YUM!!  Okay, I think I did pretty good :)

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