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Hidden Gems : Vinpearl

This video actually happened right after the boat ride in Nha Trang. Just a few of us troopers ventured over to Vinpearl while the rest of our group was too tired and decided showers and sleep were the better option.  Boy did they miss out.

Vlog #15: Contiki Big Indochina Adventure: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Vinpearl is one of those random places and experiences that happen on trips. You don’t really know what to expect as it could be hit or miss, but when you do venture over and find those hidden gems it makes all the trouble to get there worth it.

Vinpearl - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Vinpearl is an amusement park on a island that you need to get to by gondola. The best ride was what you saw: the roller coaster. Compared to most North American roller coasters I would describe it as a “kiddie coaster” in terms of excitement and danger.

There were a few other rides as well, but since we were there at the end of the day we needed to prioritize before everything closed down. Hence, we went straight for the Waterpark.

I have been to a couple waterparks in my life, in Canada, but they were nothing compared to this. Although it wasn’t large in regards to the volume of slides, the ones that they did have were all extremely intense.

Waterpark , Vinpearl - Nha Trang, Vietnam-4

Waterpark , Vinpearl - Nha Trang, Vietnam-2

The craziest being one called Kamikaze; which consisted of two straight slides, one with a single bend the other with none.  They were legit the most painful water slides ever. You went so fast you got an instant wedgie and red skids on your back afterwards. I didn’t even go on the fastest one, thank goodness or else I would not have been able to film it.

Waterpark , Vinpearl - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Kamikaze – Blue and Green slides.

Vinpearl - Nha Trang, Vietnam

After the waterpark closed and our adrenaline wore off, we hopped onto the gondola for a chill 20 minute ride back to the mainland.

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