Sooo where did Summer go?

Contiki RoadTrip 2013: Video #1: Sydney, Australia

One of the most exciting aspects of travelling to a country in a different hemisphere is that you get to experience the opposite season from where you came. Well what could be more opposite to North America than Australia? Literally the Land-Down-Under.

 Well, that was unfortunately not quite the case in Sydney.

Seems like they were going through a small case of the blues and the weather for the time of the year I was visiting was particularly colder than normal. Now I am usually not a person to complain about the weather when travelling because I feel like,

  1. People use it as a “crutch” as to why their trip isn’t going the way they planned. They end up whining and complaining about it like the weather has ruined everything. This leads me to point number two,
  2. You can’t control it so why worry about it. It is nobody’s fault and stressing over it will just create a whole host of other problems.

While the perfect weather conditions will make for a better visual travel experience, you are still there, at that location getting to see or experience it. Nobody can take that away from you, not even the weather… as hard as it may try and as hard as you may think it tries.

Odds are while a few days might not be that great, not EVERY day’s weather is going to suck. So while I never got my Sydney “Beach Day”, I did have perfect weather for something even better: the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. 

A fair compromise.

Read more about the RoadTrip 2013 here.

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