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Polar Vortex the 2nd, and Cheerleaders

So my planned trip to the southern states were suppose to be filled with sun, heat and basically dry weather, everything Vancouver,  Canada was not. But like so many of my other trips, the weather in this world seems to have a mind of it’s own.

Yes, I was travelling during Polar Vortex the Second

Polar Vortex: A area of very cold rotating air that is usually above the Arctic Circle and is kept there normally by a belt of high winds.

Basically, our hot south was -5ºC  to -10ºC  (23°F to 14°F) temperatures during the time I was visiting. Lucky me.

Well, like I have said before in my blogs, there is nothing I can do about the weather so why bother complaining about it. Heck, at least it was sunny :)

Contiki USA: Video #3: Dallas, Texas


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