Fiji: Your NEW South Pacific Adventure Destination!

When people think Fiji, they often picture perfect crystal clear ocean waters, luxury 5 star resorts, snorkelling and honeymoons. WELL, that might have been so on the Yasawa Islands and on the first part of our trip, but I’m here to show you another side of Fiji: the adrenaline, action packed adventure side! 

Sigatoka River Safari- Sigatoka, Fiji

Kristen and I on our Sigatoka River Safari.

Kristen and I love exploring caves so we jumped at the opportunity to see the largest cave in Fiji: Naihehe Cave. Although marred in a dark history full of cannibalism, Naihehe Cave was also used as safe harbour to hide women and children from attacking tribes during a civil war. 

Caves, Sigatoka River Safari- Sigatoka, Fiji-2

Naihehe also contains a 400m underwater cavern that only two people in the entire world have explored. Two American divers were given permission from the local tribe’s chief to dive under and take photos. What they saw were walls covered in gemstones and three eels swimming above the water. They took photos and today the only copies of those photos can been seen in the local chief’s house.

Caves, Sigatoka River Safari- Sigatoka, Fiji

To travel is to eat. 

The perfect way to try the local dishes is to cook then via Flavours of Fiji Cooking School. 

Here we cooked and prepared 3 traditional Fijian dishes, and 2 Indian dishes. 


(bottom left to right)

Fijian Selection: 

  • Vudi Vakasoso: Local Plantain simmered in freshly grated coconut infused with cane sugar.
  • Ika Vakalolo: Lightly fried fish simmered in rich coconut milk, local cabbage, tomatoes and onions.
  • Rourou: Taro leaves steamed and infused with onion, tomatoes, garlic & chilli.

Indian Selection:

  • Bindhi Curry: Spicy Bindhi (Ocra) curry infused with fragrant herbs & spices.
  • Roti: Traditional Indian Flat Bread

For one of our nights in Fiji we got to spend it on a cruise ship, with Blue Lagoon Cruises. Overnight we cruised in style from the Yasawa Islands back to Port Denarau.

Fiji Video #3: CANNIBAL CAVE, Sigatoka

Discover Fiji Tours- Fiji

Hiking in bare feet through the mud—yup that happened. I came ill prepared for a 2 hours hike up and down the mountain side. (You think I would have learned my lesson from the Machu Picchu trip)

However, once we got to the beautiful cascading waterfall at the end of our hike, I forgot all about the sore feet.

Waterfall, Discover Fiji Tours- Fiji

Spectacular waterfalls on my Discover Fiji Tour.

After rejuvenating my feet in the cool fresh water, we proceeded back to  Namosi Village where we participated in a traditional Kava ceremony. 

Kava, also known as Piper Methysticum, is a shrub in the pepper family that grows in Fiji. The root is ground down and made into a ceremonial beverage that contains sedative and anesthetic properties . It is supposed to be for treatment of anxiety and a way to relax, oh and it also makes your mouth go numb.

Next up on our adventures was white water rafting with Rivers Fiji.  A 5 hours long trip through cavernous gorges that seemed like something out of Lord of the Rings movie. It was raining for most of the trip but we didn’t mind, we were getting wet anyways from the splashing water. 


The Beachfront Bar at Uprising Beach Resort.

For a few nights we stayed at the Uprising Beach Resort, a great place for adventure seekers, backpackers and villa lovers alike. Their accommodation varies from private rooms to hostel dorms for the budget conscious traveler. We were there at off season, so the place wasn’t to busy, but during peak season Uprising sure does throw some great beach parties!!

Last to top off our adventure filled few days was zip lining with ZipFiji . Nothing better that zipping through the rainforest and over the canopy, all while doing flips and twists along the way.

Talk about ADVENTURE!

For our final evening it was a quick sleep at Raffles Gateway, a very funky, Vegas looking hotel perfectly position near the airport. Thus, making for a quick and easy trip back home. 

Fiji Video #4: EPIC WATERFALLS, Suva



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