Giving Back Oceania

Fiji: Giving In and Giving Back

Cloud 9 - Fiji

What can I say about a floating pontoon bar in a middle of the ocean that serves cold drinks and pizza? Welcome to Cloud 9. That is literally what it’s called.

Cloud 9 - Fiji-2

Cocktails anyone? Yes, the ocean is the exact same colour as Blue Curaçao.

What a way to start our week long Capture Fiji Trip with my friends Datev GallagherAlli Speed and Kristen Sarah.

Cloud 9 - Fiji-3

Cloud 9 was a perfect welcome or Bula, as they say is Fiji. Relaxed, laying in the sun and jumping off the platform right into the cool crystal clear ocean. This was exactly how I pictured Fiji water to be. That evening we slept oh so soundly as we spent the night in our own Terraces Apartment.

The next day we hopped into ferry, then a small power boat and headed over to Vomo Island, where we were greeting by the amazing staff singing us a welcome song. How is that for luxury treatment? This is how you know when you’re in a 5 star resort.

Vomo Island - Vomo, Island | Fiji-4

Vomo Island Resort was seriously in a league of its’ own. Our stunning mountain view villa was lavishly marbled and laid with fresh picked flowers everywhere.

Vomo Island Resort - Vomo, Island | Fiji-3

The food, a fusion of south pacific and popular worldly flavours was exquisitely crafted by a world class chef, who changes up the menu daily.

Vomo Island Resort - Vomo, Island | Fiji

Grilled Marlin and Pesto Pepper.

In the morning we went out on the boat for one of their optional snorkel adventures where we saw many colourful tropical fish and living coral.

Although we dreaded having to wake up at 6:30am to hike up a mountain, the view on top of Mount Vomo was seriously worth the hassle. Only a 15-20 minutes hike up a decently worn footpath and you’re there. From the summit you can see literally 360°  around the island and you thus realize how private and secluded Vomo actually is.



FIJI VIDEO #1: Blue Lagoons, Bikinis and Pontoons, Vomo Island

Yasawa Islands

Our next island stop was Barefoot IslandTalk about a complete opposite from Vomo! This backpacker and budget friendly eco-resort offers a variety of fun, outdoor activities such as diving, snorkeling, manta ray swimming and kayaking. Perfect for outdoor adventurers and backpackers!

Now OUR room at the island was a flash-packers dream, complete with an outdoor shower and a hammock to rest up near the oceanfront. 

Barefoot Island- Fiji

The beach at Barefoot Island, literally outside of our room.

An important part of eco-tourism is giving something back to the countries you visit. What better way to participate than to volunteer for a day and spend some time with the children from one of the villages on the islands.

Vinaka Fiji - Yasawa Islands

Only a 35 minute boat ride from Barefoot Island is Naviti Island, where we volunteered with Vinaka Fiji, an organization that runs the volunteer program there. Vinaka Fiji helps out in a variety of ways, such as: they organize the volunteers to come in and help teach the students. As well as assist in building and agriculture projects to help the village become a more self sustained island.

 Since we were on such tight time schedules, we only had the opportunity to help out for a day. But, should you go visit, there are many longer programs and summer camps in which you can volunteer for.

Vinaka Fiji - Yasawa Islands-2

FIJI VIDEO #2: Volunteering and Manta Rays, Yasawa Islands


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