Venice You Confuse Me

Vlog #10: Contiki European Panorama: Venice, Italy

Venice is one crazy, beautiful city. It’s one of the most unique places you can ever visit since it’s not every day that you see a city essentially “floating” on the water.  It’s one of  the many European cities that have pedestrianized zones; which I personally wish every North American city had. It’s wonderful, no cars, no bikes, just people. This is how you get rid of our obesity epidemic.

Venice, Italy

Canals- Venice, Italy

Like Rome, visiting Venice during the summer months is something I wouldn’t recommend. It’s crowded and hot and everything is overpriced; however, this was the time I chose to visit so that is what I had to deal with.

Venice was rather confusing. At first glance you see crowded streets and people everywhere and in your way; however, the second you look up at the buildings or down one of the more isolated ally ways it is a completely different story. Where is everyone? Venice as a city seems quiet and almost reminds me of a ghost town . It’s eerie and ominous. It made me feel sad inside realizing that Venice is literally becoming a postcard, a snapshot of the past.

Canals- Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Lace School

One stop we had was at the one and only remaining lace school in Venice. Being the horrible blogger I am, I can’t seem to find the name of the school. It was taught by a lovely lady who told us all about the history and process of lace work, which originated in Venice. Can you believe all these doilies are hand stitched with a needle and thread? Some pieces take months to complete and are done by teams of ladies. It is very obviously as to why this art form died out, machines can manufacture these style table clothes and patterns in minute and at a fraction of the cost. It’s a good thing the lace school is so heavily subsidized.  Score one for the government trying to preserve local culture like this, even if it is a loosing battle.

Lace School - Venice, Italy

One of the recommended foods to try in Venice was the cuddle fish, while I failed at finding the plain fish version, I did manage to find €15 cuddle fish pasta. This is what 15 euros gets you in Venice. While the oily texture was definitely a first, I leave Venice still wondering what actual cuddle fish tastes like.

Cuddle Fish - Venice, Italy

 Gondola Rides

After stepping off my Gondola ride I wondered,  “where did my 20 minute gondola ride go?”.  After reviewing the many ridiculous photos and videos of myself, and adding in the time spent trying to play impromptu DJ on my iPhone with my Mozart tracks, I realized where all my time went.

Gondola Ride - Venice, Italy

Gondola Ride - Venice, Italy

I do wish my gondola ride was longer. Oh well, maybe next time. Venice, live long and prosper.

P.S. I’m sorry I quoted Star Trek.

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