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The Most Beautiful Place in the World

Now it’s very difficult for me to claim something is the best, the best food, place, music or even mountain; however, after spending a few days up on the Swiss Alps, I think I can safely say Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places in the world and most people would not argue it.

Vlog #13: Contiki European Panorama: Swiss Alps, Switzerland


Our first stop in Switzerland was at the lakeside town of Lucerne. Peaceful, serene and all around gorgeous, what a great start to Switzerland.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland

Here I took part in the honorary tourist tradition of purchasing swiss chocolate from a swiss chocolatier. Although in reality it was just a shop that had a lot of swiss chocolates. I was literally like a kid in a candy shop.

Swiss Chocolates - Lucerne, Switzerland

Golden nuggets, truffles and best of all, this gem: Passionfruit Lindt Chocolate. My favorite fruit combined with my favorite chocolate, what more could a girl ask for? I was in heaven.

Best Chocolate EVER - Swiss Alps, Switzerland

See here the obligatory cow shot. I thought it was rather funny :P

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

That night we stayed up the mountain half way between the town of Engelberg and the summit of Mt. Titlis. It was a stunning hotel and I can honestly say I have never had a room with a better view than this. As well as the best Wi-Fi speeds I have yet to find in Europe, go figure?

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

P.S. The hotel was apparently where the Shinning was filmed.

Room with a View - Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Room with a View - Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Mt. Titlis

After the strangest gondola ride I have ever been on was finished, we found ourselves at the summit of Mt. Titlis on the swiss alps. We could not have asked for a more perfect day. I love those clear days with just a bit of cloud covering, just enough to weave in between the mountains and give them that stunning mystical look. But just the right amount of  cloud so that after a few minutes the wind can blow it away and you’d have a perfectly clear shot.

Mount Titlis- Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Mount Titlis- Swiss Alps, Switzerland

There was also a couple fun extras things to do up on the mountain including a ice cave and some wicked fun tobogganing!

Cute Contest- Glacier Caves- Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Although I have been tobogganing many times before and the novelty has worn off on me, I always love seeing my Aussie friends get so excited about the snow. Also, you just can’t beat this view! What a perfect day.

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