Sick-Times at Surfers Paradise

Welcome to Surfers Paradise, the glitz and glam capital of the Gold Coast. Filled with beaches, bars and skyscrapers galore. A rather flashy town that I unfortunately, didn’t get to spend a lot of time exploring.

Surfers Paradise, Australia

OZ Vlog #8: Contiki Beaches and Reefs- Surfers Paradise, Australia

You can’t expect to travel for a month, meet over 100 different people from around the world without getting sick. Well, that is exactly what happened at Surfers Paradise. Even though we had an entire day to spend there, all my traveling finally caught up with me.

Gold Coast Rainforest

However, I did manage to roll out of bed in time to do a  Mountain Trek Adventures 4WD tour of the Gold Coast Rainforest.

Mountain Trek- Surfers Paradise, Australia

Mountain Trek- Surfers Paradise, Australia

It was interesting to see the difference between this sub-topical rainforest and the tropical rainforest up at Cape Tribulation. Cape Tribulation has a much more ancient jungle like feel, where as the Gold Coast feels more like the typical tropics.

Mountain Trek- Surfers Paradise, Australia

After our rainforest walk we got a chance to swim in a small lagoon, which in hind sight was probably not the best idea when you currently have a cold.

Mountain Trek- Surfers Paradise, Australia

Mountain Trek- Surfers Paradise, Australia

Skydive Gold Coast

This was my second time skydiving. At approximately 10,000 feet it was around 35 seconds of free fall, a bit shorter than my previous skydive in Queenstown. Regardless, the views were top notch and very different from each other.

Skydive-Surfers Paradise, Australia

As a bonus I got a chance to steer the parachute- a very scary experience.

Skydive-Surfers Paradise, Australia

Dracula’s Cabaret

Once all the plane jumping was complete, it was off to Dracula’s, a burlesque, cabaret comedy dinner show.  I was actually really disappointed that I couldn’t film anything for you guys because this show was hilarious. There was singing, dancing, drinking and playfully poking fun at certain members in our group, including a brilliant Justin Bieber and Brokeback Mountain reference thrown around.

Draculas Caberet Show- Surfers Paradise, Australia

Definitely one of my highlights of the trip so far. Guess if you ever come to Surfers Paradise you’ll have to go and check it out yourself! :P As long as you enter with an open mind for all things odd and different, you should have a very enjoyable experience.

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    Alex Criswell
    March 13, 2012 at 7:53 am

    I would say to feel better, but hopefully you already are since this was like a few weeks ago lol…
    Anyways, not sure if you read in one of my comments before that I was applying for a summer internship in Germany. Well I just found out that I got accepted, and I was gonna ask you some advice about it before I decided to do it or not but I know your busy so I decided that I would be crazy not to take advantage of such an awesome opportunity.
    Sooo, starting in June I will get to spend 4 months in Germany and on my weekends and time off I’m gonna plan some short trips around other places close by and maybe either go early or stay after my internship to do some travels all around Europe. I’m so excited to get to start my travels in such a big way. Thought about doing some vlogging or something like you but probably isnt really my thing so ill probably just end up taking lots of pics with my new camera I just got :) Maybe ill just post em up on flicker or just facebook or something, but ill let you know in case you care to check em out when that time comes. But it will be a while till June comes :P
    Maybe you’ll finally make it to Europe before then, and if so I look forward to hearing your advice and vids to help me plan my trip!

    Hope you enjoy Thailand and the rest of your southeast asia trip!

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    June 28, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    What was the skydiving school called I’m in surfers paradise in here right now and I really want to go :)

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