My not so secret plan to become a Reality TV Star!

First thing I wanted to say about day 2 was that I found food! And obviously I couldn’t wait to take a photo before eating it, hehe.

Food- Banff World Media Festival 2012

So today started with a panel from Paul Lee, president of the ABC Entertainment Group.

He talked about how story telling has changed and now-a- days viewers have limitless choices. He used the term “smart viewer”, stating that smart is the new mainstream. Viewers are now craving smarter shows and company to be able to watch those shows with.

We then got to see a wonderful reel on ABC’s programing and how they are now programming for stories of wonder and fantasy, revenge, love and things that make you laugh and cry.

Why just watch when you can feel. – Paul Lee

 Nadine the Reality Star?

I’m fairly well aware of most things happening in the digital online video space; however, reality and non-fiction is something completely new to me and I thought would be logically the next step for Hey Nadine.

I am young, somewhat entertaining and love being on camera – I could be a reality TV star.

So in-light on my new life plan I thought it best to attend the non-fiction panels including: View From The Top: Non-Fiction Producers and The Chicken or The Egg- Casting For Reality. ( I honestly thought that was the coolest sounding name of all the panels)

I really wanted to go up to John Brunton, President & CEO of Insight Productions, but I was to scared. I was basically only going to ask him to cast me for the up coming Big Brother Canada. This is not the end of that dream…

As well as View From The Top: Non-Fiction. This was actually on Tuesday but I thought it fit here.

View From the Top: Non-Fiction- Banff World Media Festival 2012

If your not living on the edge, your taking up to much space.

The casting panel was very interesting, I never knew how much psychology went into the casting process. Casting directors and producers have to be able to predict more or less the “interesting” characters. And what defines the complexity of people is very complicated and fascinating.  Personality Experts are hired to pick interesting people by breaking up your personality into very distinct traits. One model that was mentioned was CANOE covering the big five personality traits.

Conscientiousness: a tendency to act dutifully, show self-discipline, and aim for achievement; planned rather than spontaneous behavior.

Agreeableness: a tendency to be cooperative and compassionate rather than antagonistic and suspicious towards others.

Neuroticism:  a tendency to experience negative emotions easily, such as depression, anxiety, anger, or vulnerability; sometimes called emotional stability.

Openness to experience: appreciation for emotion, art, unusual ideas, adventure, curiosity, imagination, and variety of experience.

Extraversion: positive emotions, energy, self-confidence, outgoingness, and the tendency to seek stimulation and the comfort of others.


The Chicken or the Egg: Casting for Reality- Banff World Media Festival 2012

And when casting you should look at casting a family. Get a mother type figure, a father, brother and so forth. You can’t always follow your gut feelings, you have to separate and cast accordingly to help create situations that cause drama and stories.

So much to learn, now I feel like I am ready to be cast in a reality TV program! (hint hint, wink wink)

Producers and BANFF

One of the most important and most valuable parts about BANFF is the ability to have Face-To-Face meetings with network executives to pitch your TV Show, Movie, or Mobile Apps to. My friend Jenn from College Mobile got the opportunity to pitch her interactive children’s story book iPad app at the event in attempt to gain more investors. I missed the boat on the whole setting up meetings thing; however, I did manage to introduce myself to some new people and have a couple spontaneous mini chats while there. Score one for Nadine!

SMPIA in the Telefilm Demo Hub - Banff World Media Festival 2012

Let me tell you one thing, even my spontaneous meetings were a challenge! How anyone manages to get everything in and still have time to sleep is beyond me. I was planning on catching Deal Makers Live, however I came in too late and all I got was this lousy picture :/

Deal Makers Live - Banff World Media Festival 2012

Well, after that evening it was off to the Netflix Late Night Party at the Hoodoo Lounge where I managed to find even more food! It was very cramped and hot and loud at this night club, AKA the best place for people in business suit attire.


Banff World Media Festival Banff World Media Festival Banff World Media Festival

Banff World Media Festival

Regardless of those little flaws, it was a good time out on the town. Then it was  off to bed to recharge for tomorrow!

Missed Day 1?: That time I got a police escort home at #banff2012.

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    June 15, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    Mmmm, food!! You already star in a reality show I like to call Travels With Nadine! lol

  • Reply
    June 15, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    female reality stars have to have sex and take showers on cam. thats not a problem for you?

  • Reply
    June 15, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    least thats what i typically see on big brother, real world etc, re my last comment

  • Reply
    June 15, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Now if we could get Contiki to sponsor an amazing race type travel adventure reality show that happens to feature many of their destinations… =)

    Chances are taken, not given. Keep pushing like the awesome person you are!

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