Southeast Asia

Kicking Butt in Thailand

I consider myself a somewhat athletic person. I played sports throughout high school and university; however once I graduated and started travelling things went downhill pretty fast. That’s why whenever I do find opportunities to get in a bit of exercise on the road I always jump at the chance.

Vlog #2: Contiki Thai Island Hopper East : Koh Samui, Thailand

Muay Thai

So my friend Ashley convinced me on our free day to try Thai Kickboxing, since she is a huge martial arts fanatic.

Muay Thai- Bangkok, Thailand

It was a 2 hour lesson including a warmup, lesson, and then a chance to spar in the ring. The instructor didn’t speak English but he was very good at body language and it never really seems to be an issue. It was also essentially a private lesson since there were only us and two other people.

Muay Thai- Bangkok, Thailand

After our kick-butt sweat bath, we showered and bundled up to head out for a night of drinking on the town. First to an Ice Bar half way across town, very similar to the bar I visited in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Ice Bar- Koh Samui, Thailand

Then it was over to a casual bar down by the beach for a few more drinks and some legal fireworks. Talk about leaving Koh Samui with a bang!

Beach Bar - Koh Samui, Thailand

Ah, romantic!

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