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How to All-Inclusive in Los Cabos, Mexico

I enjoy all types of travel; backpacking, group tours, solo trips, luxury and all-inclusive. I think each has their own things to offer, and sometimes I feel like one or the other. Hence why I like to mix it up.

So for this travel mix up it was a trip down to Los Cabos, Mexico to stay at Paradisus Los Cabos.  A chance to explore their newly renovated property, and enjoy a bit of Valentine’s Day celebrations with my boyfriend.

Alright let’s break it down.


Now there are two pools, the main one for all guests plus a private one for the Royal Service VIP guests (which is basically their more premium service that offers several extras and services).

Next are these…. I guess you can call them eggs? They do fit two people in them and they are literally the most chill thing ever, just sit back and become one with the egg… or pod, I guess that’s a better name.

Bars + Drinks

I truly do love swim up bars, although in this trip I never actually took full advantage of it. But just look at this beauty!

Upstairs lounge with a view.

So we got to participate in a mixology class down at the beach where I learnt to mix up a few, and I definitely mean a few of these Sexy Lemonade cocktails.

  • Gin, Vodka
  • Lemonade
  • Blueberry Syrup
  • Sprite
  • Simple Sugar

I think that was it… I really should’ve taken notes but I didn’t want to let my hard work go to waste.


Being a Vegan can be tricky because there are a lot of things I can’t and don’t eat. Buffets are very hit or miss, because while you can choose from a variety of items, if many items are not vegan, than there really isn’t much of a variety, at least for me.

So I was very please to have multiple options to choose from, which I think for me with all-inclusives, are a huge selling point.

Breakfast at La Palapa, which was the exclusive Royal Service VIP restaurant.

Lunch at the Gabi Club, perfect for overlooking the ocean and the beach, while still not actually being on the beach.

Dinner at Gastro Bar by Chef Martin Berasategui, a seven star Michelin Chef.


Now when it comes to resorts, hotels, etc, and the debate between beaches vs pools I always choose the beach! It’s my absolute favourite, connecting with nature, sand, salt, sun. Does it get much better? Well this beach didn’t disappoint, considering  it’s the west coast and most is rocky and wild! However, there was a small sheltered section of the beach which allowed for a bit more chill swimming.  I spent a whole afternoon on this beach and I could have easily spent a few more.


Bright, white and light. A very modern clean style, and comfortable bed to sleep on.

All in all, I had a wonderful little Valentine’s Day getaway weekend stay here in Mexico and my first time in Los Cabos. Relaxing, easy, peaceful everything I wanted out of an all-inclusive resort.

Created in sponsorship with Paradisus Los Cabos.

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