High Rolling in Monte Carlo

There are very few times in life when I feel out of place, like I am somewhere I am not suppose to be. That is how I felt about Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Vlog #5: Contiki European Panorama: Monaco

After our stunning drive up the coast past the mansions, luxury cars and multimillion-dollar mega yachts, all to head to our 4 course dinner just outside the Royal Palace in Monaco, I felt kind of out of place.

Unlike Southeast Asia where I can wear my baggy singlets and bright colours and feel like I belong anywhere.

French Riviera - Nice, France


Monte Carlo

After our feast and literally the best red wine I’ve ever had it was time to try our luck at the Monte Carlo Casino. Now we originally attempted to go to the cheap casino, but after we found out we could just as easily get into the main casino we decided that obviously that was cooler.

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Now the only real thing I have to compare Monte Carlo to is Vegas, which for me was only one quick brief trip. Unfortunately, I have to say for a town that’s biggest draw is it’s casino, the Monte Carlo was a bit of a let down. It was small and quiet. Mind you we could have just been in the “tourist” part and there probably was a bigger better part that only “V.I.P” people could venture to. We also didn’t venture very far.

While most of our group tried their luck at the card games, for me it was straight to the slot machines where I scouted out the machine for the best one and low and behold, I came out 22 dollars in the positive. So in the end I guess it was a pretty successful casino trip.

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