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Gleneagles: A Scottish Luxury Treat

While I was in Scotland for Hogmanay this New Years, I had the lucky experience of being able to spend a few nights at the 5 Star Luxury Scotland Golf & Spa Resort of Gleneagles.





There I dined on exquisite 3 course meals, full buffet breakfasts and enjoyed a very proper Afternoon Tea. Scones, sandwiches, desserts, what more could a girl ask for?


To say I was spoiled would be an understatement.  When you’re greeted with a tin of shortbread cookies, you know you are in for a treat! Literally.


Now enough about food though, I am here to talk about some of the things you might not have thought of to do at Gleneagles, which is the Falconry!


Falconry is a method of hunting using trained birds of prey to find and spot rabbits or other small animals from the sky.


How they get the birds to fly is by keeping them at a calculated weight, so they have the motivation to “work” for their food, aka, fly. Now this isn’t cruel, and they most definitely are not starving their birds. It’s just that falcons and hawks are naturally very lazy birds, so they do need that extra push. (Not to much different than us humans.) 

Gleneagles-1-2 Gleneagles-2

At Gleneagles they offer a variety of courses you can take, the majority do the introductory lesson which is about 45mins long. During which they tell you about the birds plus allow you to fly them and take some epic selfies.

Whisky Blending

Now if you are anything like me, whisky is not one of your go-to choices of spirits. So it came very much to my surprise that there are different types and flavours of whiskys, quite similar to wines. Whiskys can smell like certain fruits, have levels of smokiness, can be floral, and can also be quite mild.


You can also blend whiskys, and it’s not just a matter of pouring two or three types together, it’s a science. A few millilitres too much of one type can completely change the blend.


To end our evening of whisky blending, we got to try a shot of the best whisky blend in Scotland: Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Cheers, to Scotland!


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    February 6, 2015 at 7:34 am

    How come I stopped at England and Ireland?! Thanks for this, it makes me want to go!

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    March 31, 2015 at 4:49 am

    This isnt cruel? They are chained to a pole in a small room. Unable to move or fly.

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