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So I have recently found a new passion for editing videos again, something I almost always hate to do. (It’s my least favorite thing in regards to vlogging.) With that passion I have decided that although I have a TON of vlogs from the various places I have travelled to, I have no real “summary video”, aka compilation video. So it was time indeed to put some together. First off we have Europe! Now originally I was going to add Scandinavia to this list however it didn’t quite fit with the music, so I’ll create a separate video featuring them later.

Now this was a combination of technically 3 tours, the main one being my Contiki Panorama Tour. After that it’s mix of some of my Contiki BVP Tour through Eastern Europe and a couple clips from The RoadTrip.

Anyways, enjoy and look forward to some more of these types of videos from the other continents :)


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