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DINOLAND and some other famous amusement park

Vlog #2: Eastern Europe : Vienna, Austria

Being in Europe I have started to realize that I am no fashionista. Clothing styles that are popular, hip and trendy in Southeast Asia are definitely not as much in Europe. Second, women here are beautiful, and this is coming from a female. So I pretty much have a lot of competition and standards to live up to.

So to help fix my current un-stylish situation I have realized I need to go shopping. Hence it is a good thing our first stop in Vienna was at the Parndorf Outlet Mall. This mall was massive and filled with international brands from North America and all over Europe. It literally took 30 minutes to walk from one end to the other.

Parndorf Outlet Mall- Vienna, Austria

Although I have established my need to purchase new clothing, there is just one problem: I suck at shopping. I’m not very good nor efficient and I just don’t generally enjoy it as much as some people. So I didn’t end up purchasing anything at the mall, mainly because I still found the prices rather expensive compared to North America.

Parndorf Outlet Mall- Vienna, Austria

Champagne and croissants at Pardorf

One thing that I instantly spotted on the map was a place called DinoLand. Now back in Canada there used to be a really cool amusement park called this and thus the name both intrigued and brought back fond memories for me.

So we decided to venture forth to find this DinoLand. Which to our disappointment was literally just a daycare.

After a not so successful shopping trip we finally got to Vienna and got a bit of time to look around and grab dinner before heading towards an actual amusement park.

Hofburg Palace: Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Prater Amusement Park

Now I am no amusement park connoisseur but normally when you walk up to an theme park and you see nobody around you generally don’t have very high expectations. However, this was legitimately the scariest most thrilling theme park I have ever been to.

You pay approximately 4-5 euro per ride so you can pick and choose which rides to go on. Our first choice was a ride called Ecstasy. It was a toss you around twist you upside down crazy wild ride.

Prater Amusement Park- Vienna, Austria

So after being thoroughly tossed around we thought it best to take it easy and choose a tamer second ride. So we chose the swings; little did we know how high they went. Although I can’t give you the actually height let’s just say it was very reminiscent of skydiving.

Prater Amusement Park- Vienna, Austria

After a few more rides it was off to bed.

Ah yes, I love amusement parks.

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