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Being a Fangirl in Albuquerque

So I am kind of a nerd when it come to certain things: like favourite TV show and movies. I  have a history of working in the film industry and two of fields I was most interested in were Art Direction and Set Design. So, what happens when you put those two together and add in a little bit of travel? Well you get location set tours of your favourite TV shows!

Jesse Pinkman's House - Albuquerque, New Mexico | USA

Jesse Pinkman’s House from AMC’s Breaking Bad

Some of the places I was looking forward to seeing the most in Albuquerque were the filming locations for Breaking Bad.  (A very popular favourite show of mine.)

Two of the main character’s houses are located in Albuquerque so in our brief last hour before sunset in town we decided to grab a cab and do an impromptu tour of the locations.

Walter White's House - Albuquerque, New Mexico | USA-3

Walter White’s House from AMC’s Breaking Bad

It was totally worth it. Even just seeing the houses from the outside was special. We weren’t the only one, this is apparently quite  a common things to do, and both house owners know and understand. I am assuming that will remain so long as nobody disrespects their property.

As you can see they look pretty similar, aside from Walter White’s house having a little bit of paint added to it. All in all, if you are a fan of the show you should definitely check out these houses plus some of the other locations, but if you aren’t, well I would give it a pass then.

In which case, you could instead spend your time HOT AIR BALLOONING!

Hot Air Balloning- Albuquerque, New Mexico | USA-3

Hot Air Balloning- Albuquerque, New Mexico | USA-4

Some of my fellow Contiki tour mates!

Although I have done countless extreme sports before, for some reason I was actually very scared to go on a hot air balloon ride. Riddle me that?

From experience I can now say that take off could not be any smoother. Heck, the whole ride in general was literally like floating above the sky.

Hot Air Balloning- Albuquerque, New Mexico | USA-5

Hot Air Balloning- Albuquerque, New Mexico | USA-7

And look at these views, nothing can compare to landscape shots from above.

Hot Air Balloning- Albuquerque, New Mexico | USA-9

Hot Air Balloning- Albuquerque, New Mexico | USA-6

The only slight downside: the landing. Brace position is needed and there is a little banging around, but nothing to hard as to leave you with any bruises. And even if you do get some bruises, I would say it’s worth it.

Contiki USA: Video #5:  Albuquerque, New Mexico

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