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Our Love vs Hate Relationship with VEGAS

I find that every time I mention Vegas people feel one of two things:

  1. Hatred and disgust for a fake, materialist, drunken, glutinous, gambling city.
  2. Excitement and wonder, fun, parties and an exhilarating getaway.

Two very different opinions.

I guess if any city deserves that kind of a reputation, it’s Vegas. So where do I fall under these options? Surprisingly, the second.

I really like Vegas.

I find the neon lights bold, colourful and lively. They welcome and shout at you: look at me! They brighten up the streets, and make night not feel so dark, cold and depressing.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-2

I am inspired by the sometimes nearly flawless replicas of iconic landmarks and architectural styles from around the world; all a few blocks from each other. They make me want to visit the original locations, and nostalgic if I have already been.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-8-2

Casino halls in the Venetian Casino.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-9-2

Sculptures in the Venetian Casino.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-4-2

I enjoy dressing up for night clubbing and playing the “party goer”.  I line up for sweaty clubs and listen to world class DJ’s, blasting music too loud to even yell over; hence you are forced to literally just dance.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-5

Martin Garrix playing at Hakkasan.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-6

Clubbing at Hakkasan.

I love the free street shows, performances and the many variations of Cirque du Soleil. I feel proud that such talents performers have a place to work on their craft full time and earn a living doing what they love.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-13

Live performances at the Venetian.

I indulge on the various cocktails offered by the casinos; although very weak in alcoholic content, they are generally free. I am a sucker for free things.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-7-2

When it comes down to its’ core, Vegas is a fantasy, an escape. It’s a place to play pretend and act like we’re all wealthy socialites; taking limos, eating at five star buffets, lounging by the pool, and shopping at designer boutiques.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-15

Limo rides through the Vegas strip. Complete with champagne and neon lights.

Las Vegas - Nevada | USA-4

My FAKE Vegas wedding.

Vegas is a place that allows you to live a few days and nights of the flashy, glamorous life, before we go back to budgets, emails and sweatpants.

Contiki USA: Video #7:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Special thanks to Contiki  for sending me on this wonderful trip.


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    Leasha Waddingham
    May 8, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    I am going to Vegas for the first time next month and these are exactly the thoughts I’ve been struggling with. In many ways the whole cheap, tackiness of it makes me want to be cynical about it all but at the same time the grandness of it makes me think I’ve gotta get stuck in and enjoy it… I’m sure I’ll soon make my mind up.

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