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Introducing The RoadTrip

I am so beyond excited to announce to you guys my next project with Contiki, the youth travel company I have had global partnership with for the last several months. This time things are going to be a bit different as I will be joined by 12 other fellow YouTubers! Get ready for vlogging overload.

The Schedule


One of the things I am most excited about is the 3 gathering we will be having.  Finally I’ll get a chance to meet up with you guys and gals! I’ve done a couple smaller meets with fans during my travels but I’m always so hesitant about doing them,  two reasons:

  1. I never really know my schedule so it’s hard to plan more than a day in advance.
  2. I’m afraid someone is going to hurt me. No joke, I love you guys but I am a solo female meeting with strangers on the internet. There are a lot of documented cases of bad things happening. So I always take the side of safety.

But, now with a group of people I am way less hesitant and I am actually super pumped about these gatherings and really hope you guys can come out to meet me!

All this info and more will be on the website http://www.ontheroadtrip.com so make sure you check it out!


  1. Free gift to the first 200?! .. I hope theres not going to be that many people .. then I wont hardly get a chance to talk to you or anyone else!


  2. looking forward to meeting you when you come to England nadine! i would love to be able to travel like you do :)

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