So your interested in advertising with Well, I love working with fantastic companies, brands, products and tourism boards and I’d love to hear from you!

Speaking & Events


  • YES! Nadine would LOVE to attend your event and provide her unique form of coverage (social media promotion, blogging, vlogging and photography)
  • YES! She would also love to speak or participate in a panel and has done so before.[/checklist]

Sponsored Videos and Partnerships


  • Nadine has worked with Contiki, Canon, Hostelbookers, Staples, Sanyo, FOX, the CW, CBC Radio, Project TAMAR, Tourism New Zealand, ION Network, HitViews, and Footprint Living.
  • Nadine is always looking to accept both long and short term sponsorships in many various forms (video, written, or both).
  • Nadine works with select partners and loves building strong, valuable partnerships with clients and brands that follow the same ideals to be mutually beneficial to both parties.[/starlist]

Please email for more info on rates and for further discussion.

Guest Posts

If you have any advice, tips or any travel related posts you think would be a good fit on my blog, please pitch your idea to and I will get back to you!

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