Travel Resources

This is a collection of some of the most useful websites I have used and continually use for planing, booking, and recording all of my travels.

 All these are highly recommended and I encourage you to explore each site and read up on what they can offer you for your specific type of travel, as there are resources for all types including solo, group and tour travel.

You’ll also find promo codes attached to some of the links, so make sure you come back periodically as I update the page with new deals!

Happy Travels!


A great search engine that is useful when you have flexibility with your dates or destination. Also useful for comparing fares with nearby airports in your chosen destinations to see if there cheaper options

Google Flights

Google obviously knows how to do search engines, and their search engine for comparing fares between hundreds of flight providers is fantastic


One of my favourite booking engines that searches over 1000 sites and airlines to help you find the cheapest fares. This is one of the ones that I use most often


A nice thing about Airfarewatchdog is that you can select flights that you want and they will send you notifications when the prices drop


This is another one that I use very commonly for my flights. It’s fast, easy to use, and usually has some of the best fares available


One of the biggest and best in the business for comparing everything you need to plan your travels and getting it all for some of the lowest prices. Use this link to save up to $525 when you book a hotel and flight at Expedia

Personally one of my favourite sites for booking my accommodation. It’s easy to navigate, has extensive filters to pinpoint specific needs, and has consistently great prices


Trivago will search the other search engines and allow you to compare prices, details, and see which website the property was found on

Hotel Tonight

A lifesaver when you find yourself with nowhere to stay for the night. Also allows you to book up to 7 days in advance. Great for those short notice stays

Another fantastic place to find accommodation. They often have some sort of deal or promo going on, so it’s good to check their site on a regular basis.


This is one of the first places i’ll start when comparing prices and booking hotels overseas. They have one of the best selections in the more exotic and less-traveled  areas


Similar to Airbnb with homes, cottages, and condos being rented out by their owners. But they also offer rooms to rent inside castles. Yes… castles!


The biggest and best search engines to find a hostel wherever you are going. I’ve used this site many times for my budget travels all around the world

HI Hostel

Best for hostels around the USA since they are the largest network of hostels in the USA. They also have hostels in many other countries as well and a great network for support and info

YHA Hostels

Another great hostel organization to join as a member. Has tons of great hostels around New Zealand, Australia and the UK plus many more places


Airbnb lets you stay in apartments or homes that the owner rents out on a short term basis. It’s nice to have your own space with the amenities of home and some of the places are incredible. It can be especially good if you’re traveling as a group. Get $35 off your first trip worth $75 or more ($50 CAD off $95 or more)


This service connects you with locals who open up their homes for you to stay in. You can find places for good value and give your travels a more genuine local experience


Connects you with locals who let you stay on their couch or in a spare room for free. It’s a great way to save lots of money and meet local people


Sign up using invite code za59b to get your first ride for free


I partnered with Contiki for many years and had so many great experiences on their group tours. They cater to 18-35 year olds exclusively and offer a wide variety of destinations and adventures all around the globe in various travel styles. USA customers save up to 30% off trips departing soon


One of the biggest in the business. A leading resource for researching and booking single and multi-day tours and activities all around the world. They use local providers and act more as a search and booking agent


The google search of tour groups. They combine many tour groups for people all ages and allow you to search and compare. Use this link to save up to 50% off European travel tours

Geckos Adventures

Small group adventures for 18-29 year olds. Rugged, wild, young, all that fun stuff. Save up to 25% off last minute travel deals

Intrepid AU

Group tours for all ages. Specializes in more rugged, more outdoors and more …intrepid. Huge global tour networks with hundreds of options. Save up to 25% off last minute trips

STA Travel

Student travel and youth organized trips, tours, or just flights and accommodation. Provide a host of resources, and best found in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia


Hop-on hop-off bus system you can customize that have a group tour feel, but are less all-inclusive and more build your own tour. Best for travel in Europe


Student deals, travel deals and booking resources


Another youth tour group that have adventures around the world. 18-39 age range

G Adventures

A large, all-ages group tour company that have tours around the world. Many different styles and types of tours to all different places and preferences

World Nomads Insurance

Global travel insurance offered for many different countries. Including luggage and electronics insurance, one of the best in the business


Reviews of hotels, destinations, things to do, planning and prep


Discounted admissions tickets to top attractions in large cities. Great for people looking to do a lot of stuff in a city


Working holiday visa program for Canadians


Working holiday visa program for a variety of countries


Working holiday visa program for variety of countries. Mainly USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand


WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms, ‘volun-tourism’ and ecotourism organization

Lonely Planet

Travel guides and resources to hundreds of destinations

Rough Guides

More travel guides and resources to hundreds of destinations


Learn a new language with private, personalized lessons. Try out a 30 minute session absolutely free

Superstar Blogging

Learn how to be a travel vlogger! My online e-course


A great hosting site for your own website. Create a website and pay only one cent for your first month! Use promo code 1CENT


Hosting site for your own website


Another good option for hosting a website


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Shop my travel video gear on B&H


A great source of graphics, design elements, and all things digital


Your own global WIFI hotspot in a small, portable device